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  • A spot on Smitty's FL
  • First invite to open lobby's and custom games
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  • Access the Patron forum for discussion on give aways and stream ideas!

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The Footlong!

By subbing this amount per month you will gain the following perks!
  • A Spot on Smitty's FL
  • First invite if I need ANYONE to play with
  • Access to the sub only Skype call!
  • Access to the Patron Forum for discussion on giveaways!
  • Moderator in my chat!
  • Learn and here all news of upcoming events and giveaways prior to everyone else!
  • Facebook Friend Request cause who doesn't wanna be my friend duh!
  • Access to sub only game nights and giveaway
  • Your wildest dreams will come true




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About Nic

By pledging to me you're not only supporting my streaming, but also allowing me to try and persue it as a career while providing you with a amazing experience as a entertainer!
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This amount would benefit not only the stream by allowing myself to get a new capture card and CPU but also you as the viewer with increasing give away values!
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