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Woah, a whole dollar? For me? Welcome to the exclusive elite of people called "Phoenix's Patreons". You're now supporting my content and helping the world become a better place... I think.
But wait... there's more!
This tier gets you a shout out on Twitter! 
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For real! Give me five! Thank you for support, you're obviously part of our exclusive community and may also enjoy of exclusive content on the Patreon feed. 
Besides that, your name will be mentioned in a video at the end of each month as long as you continue your pledge. 
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Besides the things mentioned above, you will be invited to one of my hangouts.
In this Patreon-only hangout, you will be able to ask me anything you want, suggest me any videogame or just chill and talk to me. How dope is that?! 

*This reward is subject to availability since we can only have 10 people on google hangouts at a time. Rotation of guests and scheduled time will help us get as many of you as we can.




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I'm 10phoenix01, you can call me Phoenix, and I make youtube content! Specifically: gameplays, videogame trailers, game reviews, news, and livestreams! Basically, anything gaming related!
My upload schedule isnt strict, but I do try uploading a video a day. 

Why become my Patreon?

Because it helps me become a full time Youtuber. If you enjoy my content and would like me to have a more defined and organized schedule for my content, plus get some rewards, supporting me on Patreon is a great way to help me achieve that. 
As always, any pledge is appreciated but do look into the rewards to see which tier you would prefer to be in to get the most of being a Patreon. 

Thank you! I'm looking foward to see you around.
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Livestreams are back!
Due to a lot of work, I had to decide between doing video or livestreams. 
1k a month will bring livestreams back... with a twist! 
To add, livestreams will be back in 2 formats:
1) Gaming livestream
2) Google hangout
And guess what? BOTH of them with Patreons!
That's right. If you pledge on my Patreon that means you helped me reach this goal... you will be invited to join me in a livestream every once a month (subject to availability due to space of hangouts and party chat) and we can game together and talk about whatever you want! Dope!
I will also be able to buy better equipment for my recordings (Example: My current mic is having a crackling noise) and replace my old equpiment with the new one! 
TL;DR: Livestreams are back with better equipment! Yey!
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