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What do I do?
On YouTube, I create mostly Minecraft gaming videos. I sometimes expand slightly to certain things that I feel are closely related to the usual content that I make. I'm a little odd and make some weird voices at times, but it's a ton of fun. I like to run more of a community than a viewership. I feel a tight community allows for better communication. I try to run series on my channel, and, by far, my most popular series is Pixelmon. I do livestreams every once in a while and love speaking to those who join in for the time I am live!

Why am I on Patreon?
Everything I do is done alone. I do every bit of work myself and really don't get much help. It's a bit difficult to do that especially when working a job outside of YouTube. My goal is to run this Patreon until I am able to have a good living off of YouTube alone. Honestly, my short term goal as of now is to make enough from YouTube and Patreon (if you guys will help) to help sustain myself and begin to create as much content as I possibly can with the same value and workmanship that I currently put into my videos.

Why should YOU become a Patreon?
By becoming a Patreon to Expel, you bring me closer to doing what I truly enjoy doing... Entertaining you all. Past that being the main reason, there are also plenty of rewards that are given exclusively to my patrons. This includes random giveaways of games, T-Shirts, access to certain discord channels in which I usually record my videos, as well as being mentioned or being in multiple of my videos! You can pledge pledge as small as $1 or as much as $50. You can pledge as much as you would like.

How does your pledge help Expel?
With your pledge, I will be able to not only upgrade my equipment when it is necessary, but as previous stated, I can work towards making YouTube my full time career. It is slowly on the path to making it, but your pledge can make this process less stressful and allow me to devote more of my time toward making the content the Expel Army loves.
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When this milestone is hit, Expel will be giving awesome tokens of appreciation, maybe once a month...maybe twice a month maybe more! This will exclusive to $5+ Pledges!
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