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We are perfection in growth/movement.
we need to start recognizing this and fully loving/accepting our selves.
thats what paradise now is all about.
and with this we can start to truly love are selves and create the paradise we want to live in.

You are perfection with the gift of self awareness and growth/time.(tree of life)
Know your self
You are everlasting abundance unity and connection.(unconditional love)
Love your self with your whole heart,body,mind and sole (cups emotion water ,pentacles manifestations earth ,swords mental air thoughts and Wands creation/destruction fire.)
And your neighbor as your self (we are all one)
The catholic translation turned I(your self) in to god wich is not wrong as we are all apart of god conciseness with the gift of individual perspective. But some how got lost in translation.
Everything that you perceive is conciseness(angels)
Your life and daily feeling ,actions ,thoughts are a mantra/song to the energy’s around you.
I am I create
The Tetragrammaton
Your daily mantra is manifesting you and your neighbors perspective of what is.
Beloved you are blessed you are thank you.
Paradise now.
You are walking with god.
My loves
Bless everything every moment in every way of every day.
And free your sexuality as sensuality it’s ok to give.

i also plan on researching technology and seeing how we can implement them in new/different ways to create more sepport systems for self love.


 starting my campaign with a 
T-shirt campaign
lets start the awareness.

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