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About Petard

Here's how it is

I really like making videos and I really like the idea of making creative, fun videos that will provide entertainment for a large amount of people. The problem with creativity on Youtube is that it doesn't work without support from the viewers.
I am unable to truly create the videos that I want because Youtube only cares about trends. Combining a trend with creativity usually takes too long and by the time the video is out, that trend has been taken over by other Youtubers and you end up with low views way deep in the search. Low views means little money. Little money means stress. Stress means no creativity or joy in video creation.
The videos I am most popular for are short and take days to make. This goes directly against Youtube's main formula for channel growth and promotion. I cannot do them anymore as I lack the numbers to make those videos viable both financially and mentally.

Furthermore, ads suck. I dislike ads and I do not support that format. It promotes chasing views which creates low quality videos and besides it interrupts videos, something I'd love to avoid.

I make videos and streams almost every day, for hours. The little spare time I have is spent watching shows and movies, I literally do not do anything else.
If you spend even an hour watching me per month, don't you think that is worth maybe a Dollar?
One Dollar is worth over 500 views which means that you'd need to suffer through 500 ads on 500 videos for that single Dollar to reach me.

I will never stop making videos but you have the ability to give me comfort and freedom to be creative. My creativity is the best reward I can give you.

$8 of $200 per month

Minimum Comfort Level

Reaching this number allows me to get to the minimum comfort level ensuring that my bills can be paid in case everything else collapses.

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