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I've wrestled with the fact that people are oftentimes rewarded based on how much they give. So with that said, I've opted to give all of our supporters the same access to content & rewards :-) so whether you give $1, $5, $25, $100 or whatever is on your heart. We value & love each and everyone of you!
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About Richard Hanson

Welcome to My Journey!
My name is Richard Hanson. I am a husband to my amazing wife Jodi! Father of two beautiful children Emma and James. I've spent a great portion of my life traveling the four corners of the world inspiring people to be everything they were intended to be.  Let me start off by saying the #1 reason for starting to film, blog & podcast, wasn't because I was looking for something more to do. I just realize the internet's ability to connect a message, with a global audience. 

What started out as a simple request to record a few podcasts, quickly turned in to those episodes going around the world, in just a few short days. This made me realize, just how many people are searching for answers.

So with that we quickly created a website to host the vlog, podcast, upload messages and write some blogs.

Feel free to check it out

As with anything, it cost us to continue filming, blogging, recording, editing and putting out valuable content, but we have no intention to stop now, because we believe people matter, and we're prepared to go the distance with whatever that might entail. What were inviting people to do, is to join us on this amazing journey, of making these valuable messages available to the average person like myself. So whether its $1, $5, or $10 a month, we truly love & appreciate each and everyone of you.

Here's what I will do my best to deliver on.  

With every episode,I intend to bring in everyday people living extraordinary lives, to talk about everything from business, personal development, leadership, marriage, family, faith, and a whole lot more!! 

With information now at the click of a button, I hope to better serve you and the global community with valuable content, so together we can pioneer the future courageously.

Thanks for joining me on this journey!

Much Love,
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