Yuko Kudo

is creating "I AM" Series to heal, connect & innovate society with ART

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I AM .... Artist, Social Entrepreneur and Community Builder. 

If you are an artist with a mission to change the world you are my people. 

"I AM" Series is an artist collective with a mission to heal and connect through art and heart. We create healing, connection and social innovation one art, one artist at a time.

2 things that I'm extra passionate about..

1) I want to change the narrative of "struggling/starving artist" to "THRIVING ARTISTS".
Artists are entrepreneurs. We get to thrive with art. Let's take our power back.

2) I want to use art to raise social awareness and lead with a call to action. 
Let's talk about "mass incarceration" might be intimidating, but "Let's watch the movie about mass incarceration" can open up the conversation to so many others. By talking about it, I want us to be an advocate for a call to action. 

Why I started "I AM" Series
I moved to NYC with a dream of becoming a Broadway star. But being 4'10", Asian, Immigrant, look like 12 on stage... most people called me in for kids theater, which wasn't my passion. Soon, the long term relationship I had failed. I didn't want to audition, I didn't want to go to my acting classes, and I was lost. 

I went on a soul searching journey. But singing was always in my heart. It took years before I gathered the courage to produce a solo show. I got the venue, the accompanist, and everything else… then freakout happened. I didn’t think I could do it by myself. I didn’t think that anyone would come. If they do come, why would they want to hear me sing for an hour? So I invited friends to perform with me so that I wouldn't feel alone, or a complete loser. 

What resulted was a beautiful, expressive gathering of people from all kinds of different communities, backgrounds, ages, and genders. It was the ART and HEART that connected us in that space. This turned into a monthly event, each one with a theme: “HEAL”, “CELEBRATE”, “TRUST”, “FREEDOM”. Each performer would reflect on that theme and what it meant to them and express it in their performance.

Art gave me healing and connection. And now art is changing my world and those around me. Doing "I AM" Series led me to heal myself, connect with myself and others, and now more. 

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When I reach $1000/month, I'll be able to start special behind the scene "I AM" Series video for every events we have. 
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