Diane Sherman

is creating seasonal postcards connecting people through love & beauty

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To participate in the iBelove postcard project, become an iBelove connector. You’ll receive 10 postcards every season to spread the love to your people.  

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Become an iBelove Supporter and in order to receive 50 postcards a season to share with your family, friends, clients or students.

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The iBelove Seasonal Postcard Project is about connecting and reconnecting families, friends and communities through the power of art and the hand-written note. It is a project, that at its core, is about generating more love, connection and beauty in the world while impacting local and far reaching communities.

The vision is this: each season I create a new postcards with new art and a word of intention. A simple question is written on the back of the postcards inviting people to gently self-reflect.

For the past 4 1/2 years I've been producing these postcards - making the art, printing them and distributing them. So far there are nearly 30,000 postcards in circulation. I see this project growing much bigger, and with your donation, you help make that vision a reality: thousands of postcards being sent out every season spreading beauty, joy and love.

There are 4 tiers for you to join, and in all of them you receive postcards. The first tier sets you up to receive 10 postcards each season with a donation of just $3. The next tier is for those of you who have groups of people (clients, students, patients) you'd like to give cards to every season. 

The next tier - the Angel tier - gives you 50 postcards, plus the opportunity to enter into a drawing every season for the original artwork.  And finally the last tier - is the Partner tier, in which you pay $70 to receive 500 seasonal postcards with your business logo on the back and your own marketing tag line to send to your clients.

Imagine, every season, your clients will get a beautiful reminder of your business and your thoughtfulness.

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