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  • Monthly NPC cards: A selection of printable cards to add new and interesting NPCs to your game. Includes a portrait, character history, motivations, personality information, and a plot hook to incorporate them into your game. 

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First of all, THANK YOU for taking the time to check out my Patreon page!

My name is Anto. I'm a writer, game designer, and dungeon master. I have been running my group of players through a totally homebrew campaign for almost 3 years now. We play pretty much every week and have had more than 115 sessions now. 

During my time as a player and a dungeon master I've learned a lot of things I want to share with the community. I started producing videos talking about my process as a DM in Summer 2018 the videos have been really well received. 

So I've started a Patreon page as a way to give me the resources to dedicate more time to making videos and producing content. 

What is Patreon?

Patreon will give me the funds to upgrade equipment and offer better quality videos, as well as produce new content for you to use in your TTRPG games! The support of my patrons has already enabled me to improve my videos but there's lots of improvements I would still like to make! 

By pledging towards this Patreon you'll get access to: 

- Monthly NPC Packs: A collection of system neutral NPCs that you can drop right into your game. Each NPC comes complete with a portrait image, a description of their background, personality, and motivations, and a plot hook to incorporate them into your game. For an example of the type of NPC you'll get, see this post

- One-Page Adventures: Get inspired for your next campaign arc with these one-page adventure prompts. Each one is different and includes things like magic items and new monsters. 

- Battle Maps: I share all the battle maps I make for my own game with my Patrons. 

- Exclusive Session Prep Videos: Get a behind the screen glimpse at how I plan to run my games, including my thought process for how I build encounters and stories. 

- Access to our Discord community: a place to chat with like-minded people and show off your latest work for feedback.

- Behind the Scenes Sneak Peeks: You'll see behind the scenes pictures, videos, and blog posts talking about the projects, videos, and products I'm working on. You'll also be able to vote on what topics you'd like to see covered next. 

Plus there are more rewards planned when we reach certain goals!

If all that sounds cool to you then sign up and I'll see you in the updates and comments. 

Until then
Happy Gaming! 

$76 of $100 per month

When we hit $100 I will make a video that takes a deep dive look at my homebrew setting of Valoroth. I've been running a weekly game in Valoroth for two and a half years now and there's a lot going on. 

In the video I will introduce you to the world at the start of the campaign and walk you through some of the major changes that have come about because of the players' actions. 

This video wil be available to patrons of all tiers!
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