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About Ice Axes and Flip Flops


We are a team of two adventure loving Aussie's (Boomerang & Lisa) with the mission to share our adventures with the world. We spend our time adventuring in beautiful outdoor places and sharing those adventures via Video and Virtual Reality Videos with you!

Our goal is to create content that makes our community feel like they are adventuring right there next to us. (Who doesn't love a good adventure?) While also creating a digital archive of these places future generations of adventurers. 

Our first season follows Lisa's quest to climb and document all the 14,000ft mountains in Colorado (there's 54 to be climbed in 12 weeks).

Check out our first season 1 'A Long Way Up' and decide for yourself whether it's your thing. 

If it is, we are super excited and grateful that you've found us!!! You see, prior to discovering Patreon our dream of sharing these adventurers with people was impossible. But now with the hope of having amazingly generous people support our project, we've decided to take a leap of faith and quit our jobs and do this full time. 

We have big dreams of making multiple seasons and one day using our content to push for environmental regulations that conservation of these places (Yes - we are conservationists and think this is important). 

If you'd like to support us in this effort and be part of the team please join our community of adventurers by signing up for a pledge on the right.

Every little bit helps and food for Boomer is essential (we can't have a hungry pup). 

Thank-you in advance to our future supporters, we are super grateful for you and without you this would not be possible. 

$9 of $50 per video episode
We'd love to make our videos way more enjoyable for you all!

To do this we really need to capture more high definition footage with better sound with a mic.  

Yes - we'd really love you to hear our voices instead of using subtitles :) 

Also some new mounts would be helpful... right now Lisa is sometimes forced to hold the camera while clinging onto the mountain and we'd like to keep her around for season 2. 

Any little bit helps in the pursuit of sharing our great adventures with the world!

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