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Your name listed on the Credits page.

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Create a new item per month
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we’ll supply the art/stats. The item will have your name, and will be gifted to you on creation. Other players can obtain it through the mystery shop. The badge can be either private or attainable through an achievement.




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Ice Cream Stand is a Incremental multiplayer game, open an ice cream stand and sell ice cream. Unlock flavours, add-ons, workers, items, and cows!

Combine 174 flavours and add-ons into the perfect ice cream cone.

Donate to Ice Cream Stand and help us make awesome new content for you and the community! Ice Cream stand will always be ad free, and all of the funding goes directly into the game.

Donor money goes directly to the artists and covering server costs, with any extra going towards ads to get new players.

One time donations are also available at and they have the same reward tier as what you see below.
$0 of $100 per month
With 3 of the most popular classes, as voted by the community.
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