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This tier allows previous tier rewards as well as entrance into a monthly raffle for a 4x6 print at the end of each month!

- Also gives you access to PATREON EXCLUSIVE photos during photoshoots! These photos will not be posted any where else, only Patreon.

- Gives access to all of our photoshoot pictures!

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About Ice Pastel Cosplay

Welcome to our Patreon~! 

We are a group of aspiring cosplayers who want share our cosplay journey and experiences with those with the same passion. We plan to release many different group and individual photos of our cosplay creations, as well as personal tips and tricks for fellow cosplayers in the upcoming year. Please visit our Storenvy to check out our cosplay prints!

We in no way want anyone to feel obligated to donate to us, donating is just a small extra thing you could do to support us further! We are all college students, so your donation will be helping us out greatly for future cosplans.

By donating you are:
- Helping us greatly to improve our cosplay quality
- Helping us be able to make more intricate cosplays
- Helping us be able to afford future cons more easily
- Helping us to able to produce cosplays to give you guys more shoots and provide more content to Patreon and Storenvy
- Helping us to improve our Patreon tiers for you guys!

If you pledge to either our Bronze, Silver, or Gold tiers on or before the 10th of that month, you will be entered into the raffle for that month. If you pledge after the 10th, you will be entered into the raffle for the next month. This is because we must know which print with winners want asap so we can order the prints (if necessary, like if we run out of prints that month). This is just to ensure we get the prints to you guys asap!

In order to avoid scams / fraud, we will not be sending any rewards for the current month until at least the 1st of the next month. For example, if you become a patron June 11th, you will not receive rewards until July 1st. This is because we get paid the first of each month.

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you all soon. :)

~Zoe, Felicia, Jenny, Olivia, and Sarah. 
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It's a simple, first goal to reach $100 a month. Donations will go toward cosplays and convention funds and help further our cosplay goals.

When we reach this monthly goal, the plan is start a YouTube channel which will include DIYs, vlogs, and BTS cosplay shenanigans. 
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