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Wow. Thank you! For approximately £3 per episode, here's what you get:
  • Access to extra interviews, poetry readings and other exclusive content.
  • Access to the Patrons' Choice Episode, a yearly special featuring the best loved performer of the year.
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Oh you! Thanks so much. For around £10 per episode here is what you'll recieve
  • Ability to vote for your favourite writer(s) in the Patrons Choice Episode.
  • Brief submission feedback on anything you send in to the podcast (if you want it).
  • Plus all previous rewards
Sea Smasher
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Oh my goodness. You are amazing. For around about £20 per issue here's what I can offer you.
  • Detailed written feedback on your submissions, whether accepted or not.
  • Personal thanks in the podcast credits.
  • The right to be on the 'Supporter Spotlight', which gives you a chance to promote your own literary themed activities. 




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$32 of $72 per null
We're at our Break Even point! Everything past this is where the good stuff starts!
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