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About ickle nellie rose

I really love making silly and serious videos on YouTube; I do a mixture of vlogs, comedy things and gaming videos. 

I am a bit restricted with what I can do and how much I can do thanks to equipment; I'd like to change that to provide my subscribers with more interesting and more regular content.

Money from Patreon pledges will go towards things like improving equipment so that I can more easily make videos for my subscribers, perhaps buying games for let's plays that's I've had requests for, and for props and silly things I might need for my videos.
$200 – reached! per creation
As a thank you for reaching this ridiculously cool amount, I'll make a special video for all my subscribers doing a Let's Play of a terrifying game of your choice.

Patreon viewers will get this in advance OR watch me film it in a super special live stream!
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