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is creating Funny and Cinematic videos, and sharing what he learns with you!
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About Icky Leslie

I'm a Father, Firefighter, and a passionate content creator. My name's Aaron Leslie, but you can call me icky.
Thank you SO MUCH for choosing to support me and my family while I create entertaining content for you!
Welcome to my Patreon! I'll be posting special videos right here just for my Patrons. Behind the scenes and How-To's, and I'll hold special Giveaways only to my Patrons as well.
By contributing to my Patreon you are helping me support my family by letting me do what I'm most passionate about, entertaining and making others laugh!

$18 of $1,000 per month
This would GREATLY improve my Families quality of life and help me to continue creating content regularly.
As a Creator I have found myself with many unexpected expenses while trying my best to give everything I can to the community.
Right now I am paying off a camera purchase and have many other regular Expenses that I struggle with on my Salary. 

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