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Access to our polls! You are going to get a say in what we do on the channel!  Polls will be related to new content as well as what we'll be reacting to in the future. 

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This tier gives early access to weekly content! Major reactions (i.e.- If the Avengers: Endgame trailer drops) won't be included. But videos such as misc. reactions, all movie reviews (Spoiler and Non-Spoiler), podcasts, and movie commentary's will be! Be the first to see our content before anyone else! Plus access to the $1 tier as well.

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You guys are going to get content that YouTube will NEVER see!! This will include a NEW Patreon Exclusive Podcast, reaction videos, retro/throwback movie reviews, movie commentaries, and more content that we have in the works! See content that nobody else will see! Plus access to the $1 and $3 tiers as well!




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About Iconic Comic

What's up guys?! It's Alex and Quinn over at Iconic Comic! We're so glad you decided to not only check out our videos but to check our Patreon page. If you are interested in supporting this channel with any amount you wish feel free to use this site to help us get better quality equipment so we can get better quality content to all of you! Every bit of support will go straight back into the channel. Thank you all for taking a step on what is hopefully a long journey with Iconic Comic!
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Once we hit 50 Patrons we will be able to start upgrading our video equipment and get a face-cam for gaming! New goals will be announced once we reach 50 patrons!
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