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want a design for a tattoo? let me know what ideas you have and i'll see what I can do :)
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Let me know what your favourite anime character is and I can draw a picture up for you. Signed and dated from when I made it :)




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Hey guys!

Who are you?
My Name's Idaloh! I'm a streamer on twitch t.v. I stream irl and all the upcoming games on my channel. If you watch a lot of channels on twitch or are a fan of league of legends you will find that I am a moderator in several large streams :) when I had money I was constantly gifting subs to long time followers in other streamers channels as a way to give back to people less fortunate. 

What I want is to be a full time streamer, I want to have a family on twitch where I can be your friend and bring you joy in your times of need. Be there when you need me. When I stream I will and have streamed everyday for 12+hours just so the small amount of people that do follow me don't miss a chance to say hello or talk to me about their problems. 

Why patreon? 
I'm trying to get by with my twitch channel but due to a recent break up I lost my home. Where I am atm doesn't give me good internet so I can't stream. What I can do with the support from you guys is get somewhere else to live, where I can stream; where I can provide the content you deserve. 

What does my money pay for?
So the money I will be making from patreon and hopefully from twitch will pay for me to live. My first target is to save the money so I can move somewhere where I have the internet to stream for you. After that the revenue will go to improving the stream and providing you guys with better content.

How do I support you?
You can support me in many ways. You can support as little as £1 a month, it all adds up. For those that donate more (£15-£20) I draw anime and your tattoo ideas. Of course this is time consuming so you can contact me via twitch with what it is that you want drawn up and I will go over my ideas with you. We can even do it through discord :). Any questions please contact and ask away.

Thanks again for supporting me guys. It means the world to me.

With love Idaoh

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