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Who are you? Some people scratch their heads at this question. Some people rattle off a list of adjectives, but go on to explain the nuance in these overly simplistic labels. We've created a podcast about identity because we believe people can and should define themselves beyond the words used in checkboxes on a census. 

Twenty-four amazing humans have already been interviewed for season 1 of the podcast. Now for the editing and distribution - that's where you can help by becoming one of our patrons!

Listen to the trailer NOW on iTunes or Stitcher!

Find out more about our purpose on our Wordpress and our interviewees on our Facebook page.

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At this point in my life, I consider breaking even a success. Currently the only cost of producing this podcast (besides the opportunity cost of spending my time interviewing and editing this podcast instead of "getting a job") is my subscription to the Adobe Audition editing software. This subscription costs me $21.24 a month, so if 22 people pledge $1 a month, WE SHALL SUCEED*!

Adobe is CRUCIAL to the editing process. Where possible I try to do everything for free, but I did research into editing software and knew we'd need to purchase a software to produce engaging and dynamic episodes. We have 24 episodes in the editing queue as of right now and they will be edited regardless of if we hit this goal, but the money will help get these episodes out into your eardrums sooner rather than later!

*Almost... Patreon takes a cut, so we won't exactly succeed, but it'll be a spiritual victory if not a tangible one.
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