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Greetings, most exalted patrons, from Muskoka, Canada! All my life I've been passionate about music. Before I even started school, I would pretend to be the maestro of a symphony orchestra, and furiously conduct the classical records my father collected, (he had only classical and jazz), with some sheet music on a stand, and dreamed of becoming a famous composer/conductor. Later, I had to scrimp and save my allowance to buy a $5 ukulele. When my 2 older brothers took up violin, I of course, had to as well. Upon entering high school, I decided to switch to drums/percussion. I finally got a drumset in my mid-teens, but wasn't allowed to practice after supper, so I would borrow my brother's classical guitar and teach myself what he was being taught. Somewhere along the way my mom got a piano, and that was a real inspiration, and still drives me creatively. I've always had all kinds of music that my mind makes up on the fly roiling through my mind's ear in full orchestra or band, morphing and changing styles as it goes. My big limitation was not having the training to just get it out onto paper, so it's been a quest to bring my music out by performing and recording. As my life went on, music and playing in bands became a part-time job, then later put on the hobby shelf in favor of an actual income. Nonetheless, after a few other career ventures, notably photography and graphic design, I'm still steeped in music, and have decided to make it my focus, with some high-end guitar making on the side. Now, being well over the hill, I'm hoping I can still have a kick at the can of creativity, so I moved out of the city into a converted barn and set up a studio. I'm getting anxious to compose new material, but I've been too busy producing for others lately, notably, my daughter Bronwyn Boyer, whose talent is astounding. Doing this, (and performing most of the instruments) has given me a good ground school and improved skills to tackle what I hear in my head, which is daunting. I am fervently hoping that I could have some success commercially for TV, film, and other media, since, frankly, I need an income to survive, so I'm open to scoring projects or other commissions. I hope you like what you hear so far, and I'd be glad to hear ideas. Thanks!

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