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About idwyc (I don't want your Cake)

Hi and welcome to my Patreon page! Thank you for visiting this page and even considering showing your support! I really appreciate that!

Who is idwyc (I don't want your cake)?
I'm a streamer from Canada who is looking to turn my stream into something I can use to provide for not only myself but my long-term live-in girlfriend, and our 2 dogs, Ares and Athena. I use streaming as a way of filling up the social aspect of my life, which is right now pretty dead. Although I think it's worth mentioning that I do suffer from social anxiety. This is why streaming (or the internet in general) is so great for me because I can interact with different people from all over the world with a lot less worries.

I really want to build a solid community. A collection of people who not only support me, but each other as well. I have been on Twitch for a while now and that is my main goal. Getting partnered on Twitch would be the ultimate testament to getting there!

Stream information
I stream around 4PM-10PM EST. I play old school retro games (primarily on emulators at the moment) on my stream to have variety in my channel as I do not desire to be tied down to only one game.

Final words
Thank you so much for taking the time in reading this!
idwyc <3
$0 of $50 per month
I will release a video showing you around my apartment and the surrounding areas. My girlfriend and 2 dogs are gonna be featured too!
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