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Hello! We are ecstatic to say that we've already done the "paid post" for our first Album Adventure - "Canon Eyes". This means that all Patron levels including physical goods (anything $15 or above) will NOT be charged and are not valid for Canon Eyes. If you'd like, you can preorder Canon Eyes at ifightdragons.com/store


We've gotten lots of questions about how frequently people will be charged. To be 100% clear, you'll only be charged when we actually finish the album - no ongoing monthly charge!  Many other Patreons release paid content very frequently, so Patreon has a lot of lingo about only charging your card once per month, but because we will release paid content very infrequently (only once per album) you don't have to worry about that. OK back to the Patreon info: 

Hi, we're I Fight Dragons! You may remember us from such albums as "KABOOM!" and "The Near Future."  Or perhaps you know us from our theme song for The Goldbergs on ABC. Or maybe you thought Imagine Dragons was doing a Patreon and you ended up here by a cruel twist of fate only to find out that we're a completely unrelated transitive-dragon-verb-named band.

Regardless, welcome!

So What Exactly Is An Album Adventure?

A few years ago we did a Kickstarter to make an album. It was an amazing, humbling experience in many ways, both in terms of the amount of support we received and in terms of the myriad twists and turns on our multi-year journey to write, record, release, and fulfill the album and rewards. Honestly we all kind of collapsed in a heap for a solid year after it was all done.  We were a bit burned out, and we weren't really sure what was next.

Then, inspiration struck. Maybe it's because Brian had a daughter, maybe it's because we're all growing up in obvious and not-so-obvious ways, but last year we started kicking around some new joyful songs that we really love, and it's gotten to the point that we felt we needed to find a way to work them up and share them with you.  

But, how to do it? We tried the whole major label thing (whoops), we tried the Kickstarter thing (awesome in certain ways, very frustrating in others), why not try something new?

You Didn't Actually Answer The Question. WHAT'S AN ALBUM ADVENTURE?

I'm glad you asked! We made it up. It's a little like a Kickstarter campaign (we're making an album and there are rewards), but with a few significant differences:

1- There's no set "Funding Period."
People can join us on this adventure at any point, and no one is charged a penny until we release the album.

2- There's no set "Delivery Date."
The album will certainly be finished at some point, but it's more important to us that it be done right than on a strict schedule, and as we said, no one is charged anything until it's done.

3- It's just as much about the journey as the destination.
Our current plan is to release one "Adventure Thing" per week to our Patrons throughout the entire Adventure, every Monday at 8PM US Central Time. The initial Adventure Things will rotate through 4 categories:
1. Acoustic Demos - Brian's first version of a song, usually recorded on an iPhone
2. Live-streams From Band Practice - Exactly what it sounds like, see the sausage get made
3. Works In Progress - Rough full band scratch recordings, album art drafts, etc.
4. Written Posts - Who knows how this adventure will go? We'll write about it along the way.
This is the meat of what makes this concept so different from a one-and-done crowdfunding campaign, since you'll be right there for the entire journey, seeing how an album goes from concept to reality, and what the creative process is really like.

You Said There's Rewards Right?

Definitely - and there's an emphasis on rewards that make you a part of the adventure, everything from written credit to your voice on the album to joining us in the studio.

What If This Adventure Is Lame?

One of the awesome things about Patreon is that you can join or leave at any time. You aren't charged up front, only when we release an album, so you're free to come and go as you please.

Wait, Bill's Back???

Yes, the illustrious Bill Prokopow has officially returned to active dragon fighting duty, and we're elated to have him back.

Why Does Brian Mispronounce The Word Patreon Throughout The Entire Video?

He's a dingus. We'll be sure to dock his pay.

Is There Anything Else We Need To Know?

Mostly just that we're incredibly grateful that you're reading this and considering joining us on this adventure.  Also, kudos to you for reading all the way to the end.


-Brian, Chad, Hari, Packy, and Bill
I Fight Dragons

PS - the gorgeous footage of us recording "Never Go Alone" was shot and edited by Brendan Leahy of Studio Skylight, who also made the video for cRaZie$ He's amazing and ideally we want to make more music videos with him if this adventure goes well.
$25,000 - reached! per Album Adventure
Videographical Adventure
We're going to try and stay conservative with stretch goals to start, but if we get past $25,000 we intend on making at least one music video as part of the Album Adventure, working with Studio Skylight (who made the cRaZie$ music video) (and our Patreon intro video). We'll make it in the same way as the Adventure itself, keeping you posted on every step of the production process
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