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About iGindis Games

Dear players,
If you love our games we will be glad for your support.
You will be able to decide on many issues connected to the games and future of iGindis Games developing. Thank you for supporting us.

1. Create the game for other devices like IOS, PC and Linux.
2. Add many other zones in the world like America, Oceania, Antarctica...
3. Create different themes for the game like ancient time, World War I, World War II, War on the Moon/Mars, Space, Fantasy (Lord of the rings...), Ancient time (Greece, Rome...)...
4. Add United Nations, many new diplomatic options and world events.
5. Add many new spies & war missions.
6. Develop the animations to videos and animated graphics.
7. Add Multiplayer & Hotseat
8. Add support in new languages
9. Improve the mathematics of the AI(Artificial intelligence)
10. Help us spread the word "Make war in internet and in reality peace".

We want to thank all fans and patrons and please continue to support us.
iGindis Team
Company url: http://www.igindis.com

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