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Hey there, 

At Ignite Liverpool we create an awesome event every three months. To be awesome takes hard work, a team of highly skilled volunteers and a group of willing speakers. It also takes about £300 to pay the venue, the sound guy and the video guy and a few incidentals along the way.

By pledging it ensures that the next Ignite can take place. What's so important about that you might think. Well Ignite truly is one of those rare events where people that work in different fields, who have different interests come together and get the opportunity to enjoy a series of talks and meet new people. 

I've really undersold it there. But watch the video and you'll find out more.

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For the price of a coffee we'll say thank you.
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For $10 you'll get a shout out on the night and be featured on the website as an event sponsor.
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We'll feature your name with stars around it on the evening, projected large on the big screen. 

You'll get a big shout out on the night, be featured on the website and get a load of thanks via social media.
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Be the outright sponsor of Ignite Liverpool and receive the works. 

Get the opportunity to talk about your product or service at Ignite. Be featured on the website and through our mailing list. Ask us for more details about this and we'll be happy to help you.
$49 of $400 per event
We'll create Ignite Volume 25 on 4th May 2016
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