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Do you like beer?  Do you like stories from the internet?  Stories about sciency things, tech, nerd stuff, medicine, culture, and funny/weird animal stories?  Then you really should listen to me talk.  While I have a beer.  "I'll Have A Beer And Talk" is a more-or-less weekly podcast I record in a bunker somewhere underneath Portland, Oregon.  I select one craft beer from the infinite supply of quality suds in Portland, talk about the beer style, have a taste, give a initial reaction, then proceed to ramble on about a couple stories I read on the internet that I found interesting, all in the time it takes me to drink that beer.  It's all the benefits (?) of hanging out with me, but you don't have to look at me.  Anyway, I'd like to improve the quality of the show; get better equipment, get better metrics on show performance, get MOAR bandwidth, get more beer, etc.  So if you have a couple bucks, throw some my way wontcha?
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If I can get $10/month, I can upgrade my free Podomatic Account to the Pro level.  This will increase me storage & bandwidth, and give me PRECIOUS DATA about listeners like you!
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