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❤️ A secret password to gain access to my online sketchbook on my website (changes every month).

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 (Rewards from previous tiers included) 

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About Iku Tree


Hello everybody!

I'm Lenn, aka Iku from IkuTree, my creative name & brand. I'm a Brussels based illustrator and filmmaker (= I make Youtube videos) and what I love doing best is creating and making things come to life through my doodles. I'm a big storytelling junkie and I always try to approach every new art project from a narrative point of view.
I've experimented a lot with my Youtube channel content but these days you can expect more art related video with fun challenges and video processes of any current projects.
One of the side projects on my channel which is not art related is my
Japaniku series where I take you with me on my journey to Japan and share my experiences with you. Japanese culture having had a big influence on my art growing up, I decided to leave the two together on my channel.

Why am I on Patreon?
I actually had a Patreon page which I had put on hiatus because I wasn't happy with the rewards I was giving out. Art and I have a passionate yet rocky relationship and it's sometimes difficult for me to stay on top of things, making rewards uneven from one month to the next. I've now taken the time to think of new rewards (which may still be adapted over time) that I believe are both suitable for each new tier and accessible for me to accomplish while keeping on top of my creative projects.

By supporting me on Patreon, you're making it possible for me to keep creating full time, whether that be more fun doodles, large scale illustrations or youtube videos. You're also helping me continue my ongoing Japaniku project with new trips planned and opportunities brought forward.
Patreon earnings go towards things such as art supplies, recording equipment but most important of all they give the time to do the thing that I love and for that I am sincerly grateful to every single one of my patrons. Thank you!

Please don't worry if you're unable to support me financially. I feel supported already when you simply see my work and my videos, when you share and leave kind comments. I see you and I'm grateful for you too!

I L-word you all!!


75% complete
With 50$ a month, I'll replace some of my old art supplies with some high quality sturdy tools for better end results!
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