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A Turkish Director and Photographer İlkin Karacan was born in 1982.
More than just a photographer, İlkin comes from the cinema industry.
He began his career in 2005 stepping into the cinema sector throughout the several
years he spent there working as editing assistant.
He has been active in the industry for the past 13 years.
During this time; he quickly sat down in the director's chair with hundreds of video
clips and tv commercials made a name.
He also discovered his passion for photography while working on a project as director.
So got his footing on photography.
His unique attention to detail allows him to produce distinctive photographic results.
Especially the interactions he took on social media and his sharings at his official
account on Instagram were also shared and discussed in many national and
international accounts.
His photographies Istanbul-based and the Moon's movement in different times were
shared on many different sharing pages worldwide as well as on international and
national web pages and were shared as news content on many TV channels in the
national press.
In this way, increasing awareness of both local and global, İlkin Karacan strengthened
by the work carried out by taking social media accounts and directing history
especially in social media such as instagram and youtube strong andhas carried out
highly interactive collaborations with the leading brands in the field and still continues
to coorperate.
“The World is all about perspective” he says.
He believes that the environment we live in is much better than we actually see.
It has become a way of his life life to see and show many details of many places,
historical artifacts, cities and countries that we are not aware of, but pass many times
in front of us.
His describe his photography is honest, warm and intimate.
He put his heart and his soul into his photography where people can find lots of
feelings from theirselves.
$0 of $2,000 per month
i want to show rest of the world, how is the Christmas in Europe.
i will start from Germany. till the Spain. i will go all European cities and big Churches and Christmass markts and will create contents from there.
this contents will be publish in my instagram account (@ilkinkaracan) and youtube Channel.
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