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About Erik Wessing

My house is 99 years old.
99 years is plenty of time to screw a lot of things up.
This blog is mostly about me unscrewing things.

My house was built in 1920. It was manufactured by Sears as far as I have been able to tell: it has all the hallmarks and telltale signs of being a Sears Craftsman Home, anyway. The hextile bathroom floor, the five-panel doors, the particular way the ends of the eaves are cut, and on and on... And the two houses next door (which were built at the same time) are exactly the same in all details but completely different in design. But I've never found any of them in any Craftsman Home catalogs, so maybe they're actually knockoffs.
Anyway, it was built in 1920. And has been maintained and upgraded with varying levels of skill and grace for 99 years. It has...some issues. Things were done here that should not. Most by the incompetent people who have owned the place through the years; some by an incompetent younger me. This is my account of trying to keep the house standing and the things in it running, and maybe make a few things a little better. This is not going to be pure instruction, as if I were a master craftsman who can do no wrong. It's going to be an account of what I actually did, and what happened, and what was learned.
Hopefully you the reader can learn from my various follies, laugh at my mistakes, and go on to make new and exciting mistakes of your own.
Grab a hammer. Here we go.
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