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I am just starting out and not too sure what to offer at this level. Please bear with me while I get it all figured out! :)
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Nothing different from the $1 pledge, I'm just testing this out. Double the encouragement, double the fun! And by fun I mean gratitude.
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Have your questions answered in a Q&A/mailbag video I will release at the end of the month. I will do this more frequently if things pick up. Please try to keep questions relevant to my work or art in general so that I can answer. :)




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I love designing characters and armor, as well as painting the occasional scenery.  I would like to do much more of this.  Meeting pledge goals makes it possible for me to keep doing what I love most while being here for my kid.  Incentives to pledge includes: access to full resolution artwork, tutorials, Q&A sessions (pre-recorded & live), and the chance to get one-on-one feedback.

New artwork released each week, with no need to pledge on every piece.

Patron discounts on art-prints an option if interested in a physical copy of any work.

So sign on up for the non-adventure of a lifetime! Help this totally (un)funny, off-beat artist get by and discover what goodies await! :)

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This level allows me to treat this as a proper part-time job and post at least one polished piece per week, so I can stay with my kid and work from home. :)
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