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About Illy Maine x Oddstreet

What's up World! This is my Patreon page.

What am I up to? Making it happen. 

But more specifically, I'm doing everything I can to make bring my ideas to life. I have so many ideas in my vault and now I'm excited to finally release them to you all.

The music I create is very personal and filled with emotion. I try to be as genuine as possible and I hope that shows through my art. 

Definitely check out some of the new releases.... If you love what you see or find yourself interested enough to donate. I'd love your support. You can show love with a $1, all the way up to however many you're feeling like for that day... there's goodies and rewards too.

If you would rather donate than subscribe, check out my Paypal and Cssh App (Square Cash)
Cash App: $JarDMilburn
Patreon (donate): You subscribe and then cancel after your first payment. 

I'm so grateful for everyone who takes the time to check out my site, whether you pitch in or not, your attention is golden. It means the world to me.

Continue the journey and follow me on IG: @illy_maine
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