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About Andrew Eckhart

I am a writer and purveyor of Epic Story (tm). You know, the sort of stories that makes the head explode every chapter. Stories where the sensation of realization and understanding is just as epic as the action going on around it. I love the visceral feel of a plot well executed and characters overcoming adversity through sharp intelligence and a modicum of honed wit. I love logic and patience defeating brute force action. I savor the slow burn of mystery and relish the flash of revelation.

I. Love. Epic. Story.

So I began a website called "Last Mage." And then sh*t got real. I challenged myself to create a dynamic story with a compelling protagonist and high stakes. And then I did it. Over the next few years I created an engaging story that's both action-packed and cerebral. It's sci-fi without treating my readers like idiots and hitting them over the head with equations and theory, I know my readers are clever. I detailed moral choices and consequences for actions and showed their conclusions rather than preaching. Epic story was achieved!

The Last Mage Universe has been a passion of mine for nearly ten years and now that I have the experience and ability to do the story justice, I want to share it with this universe. I want to focus on bringing additional content to your cerebral cortex: audio productions and dramas, more stories, art. And that's why I'm here and, hopefully, that's why you're here.

Your Patreon support will go directly into the creation of additional meta-content for Last Mage and enable me to spend more time producing all content for fans.
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