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About The Imaginary Sister team


I'm Trisky, the writer. I'm working with Vieri (line art) and Dilly (colors, typesetting) on a lighthearted comedy webcomic called Imaginary Sister, chronicling the life of 15-year-old Ellis.

Ellis finds the day-to-day dull. He's an only child in a small town. He can't build the will to talk to the girl he likes, the school bully sees him as an easy target, and his best friend never has time to hang out. With his parents off on business trips nearly all the time, he's turned inwards to confide in his journal. He's always loved stories, shows, books, comics, and everything else that can release him from his boring smalltown life. It was almost inevitable that he would write his own stories.

Notable in his collection of stories is the diary he keeps. It's not his, mind you; it belongs to his sister Maria. Who doesn't exist. She's funny, interesting, and breaks up the monotony of his life. He can confide in her and she'll listen. He just wishes she were real.

Unfortunately for Ellis, his wish is soon to come true.

This Patreon page is for funding the comic; plain and simple. Currently, I fund the comic through my own limited budget. The hope with this Patreon is to keep the comic running smoothly.

Imaginary Sister has been a project of mine since 2009; one that I've had to pick up and put down as life's thrown obstacles at me. I'm dedicated to it moving forward and hope you'll enjoy it. Thanks for your time, and to those who decide that our comic is worth your financial support!
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