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About Imaginary Horizons Productions

Who does this support?

Engineering by Lucas Ensign
Design & Engineering by Nathaniel Tseng

"Productions"? Plural?

Imaginary Horizons Productions is a collection of projects (and hopefully games in the future), you can read about our front runners below!

Want to try it out before jumping in? Join the Imaginary Horizons server, where we already have it running.


DirectoryBot is a Discord bot for securely recording usernames, converting timezones, and announcing stream notifications.
Github link:


BountyBot is a Discord bot for getting server members to play more games together. Your server members can !post a bounty on a boss or objective in any game, which other server members can join them to !complete at their leisure.

Experience points are automatically tabulated, so you can see the pillars of the community in action on the leaderboard. Experience points also allow server members to level up and upgrade their bounty postings.

In addition to this, BountyBot also offers the following: 
  • Seasonal Ranks
  • Raffle Support
  • Modular Customization Settings
  • Moderation Tools
  • More to come!

Where will the money go?

Here's how we plan on splitting the revenue:
  1. Platform fees and server upkeep
  2. Funding rewards (we will soon be offering rewards that cost money, and we're excited)
  3. Future improvements and compensating development time


Other ways to Support us

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A-Tier Bounty Hunter
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Thanks so much for helping keep the lights on with BountyBot! All of our patreon subscribers will receive prioritized tech support for running BountyBot on their own servers!

S-Tier Bounty Hunter
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You get into the credits! If you want, you can give us a discord tag to credit you with.


You also get:

• Prioritized Tech Support

S+Tier Bounty Hunter
per month

Get access to the BountyBot Test Server! Check out the upcoming features in (virtual) person and give feedback!

You also get:

• Prioritized Tech Support

• Into the Credits

Includes Discord rewards
$0 of $15 per month
Server costs covered!
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