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We're glad you like what you see! Thanks to everyone's contributions, we are able to keep servers running! Every bit helps!

All patrons receive prioritized tech support for running BountyBot or DirectoryBot on their own servers!
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Thank you so much for sharing our dream of connecting people! Your support is working toward making that happen.

At this tier, you get into the credits! If you want, you can give us a discord tag to credit you with.
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• Prioritized tech support
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We aspire to always value our users' experience first and foremost. Your support tells us we're on the right path!

At this tier, you get access to the Imaginary Horizons Productions Test Server! Check out upcoming features in (virtual) person and give feedback!

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Imaginary Horizons Productions is a collection of projects meant to encourage online community engagement (and hopefully games in the future). You can read about BountyBot and DirectoryBot, our front runners, below!

Want to try them out before jumping in? Join the Imaginary Horizons server, where we already have them running.


BountyBot is a Discord bot for getting server members to play more games together. Server members can post bounties on bosses or objectives in any game, which other server members can join them to complete for XP.

As server members accumulate XP, they'll rise on the leaderboard and level-up so you can see the pillars of the community in action.

BountyBot also offers the following:
  • Seasonal Ranks
  • Raffle Support
  • Moderation Tools
  • More to come!


DirectoryBot is a Discord bot that makes community organization easy! It securely sends usernames, converts time zones, and (coming soon) announces live streams.

Server members opt in by telling DirectoryBot to record their username or other information in the bot, which is then encrypted and ready to send to others. DirectoryBot can also give a role to server members who record a username for a game, so others can see they play that game at a glance.

If you'd like to contribute or check out the source code, the Github link is here!

Who does this support?

Engineering by Lucas Ensign
Design, engineering, and streams by Nathaniel Tseng

Where will the money go?

Here's how we plan on splitting the revenue:
  1. Server upkeep, licensing, and platform fees
  2. Funding rewards
  3. Compensating development time


  • Discord.js - Both BountyBot and DirectoryBot are built using this library!
  • Angela Lee - Patreon page graphic design, DirectoryBot icon
  • Ryan Rivera - BountyBot icon

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