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About Imani Shanté

'About Me' sections seldom describe a soul and their intentions in its entirety and for that reason, take me quite a while to complete. However, I believe that within itself is somewhat a depiction of how I do not tame my artistry by placing what I "do" in a box. 

I write. I model. I use creativity as a way to purge, hoping to uplift others and take my place in the cycle of inspiration. Topics of love, forgiveness, accountability, fear, depression, and joy. Life. This is self-care beyond the surface. As Baldwin brilliantly said, "...the place in which I'll fit will not exist until I make it." and this is me making it or at least trying my best to.

Your support and thoughtful contribution(s) do not ever go unappreciated and will be put towards my living expenses, book publishing costs, and equipment which includes but is not limited to film rolls, lighting fixtures, a typewriter, a tripod, etc. You are quite literally helping my dreams manifest themselves in waking life and that within itself is so powerful. With that being said, thank you in advance, and ultimately, welcome!

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