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About Iman N. Milner

Check out my first film here:

Love Escapes Us from anthonybphillips on Vimeo.

Who? Hi guys! I am Iman N. Milner. An actress and writer living in Los Angeles by way of Detroit, MI. Over the last few years here in Los Angeles, I've had the most amazing journey from owning my own magazine where I was lucky enough to write about young talent like Issa Rae, Michael B. Jordan and Jhene Aiko long before they became household names to creating my first film and winning the Black Women In Hollywood Discovery Award from ESSENCE Magazine. I've written for wonderful publications like VerySmartBros, XoNecole, Bustle and Huffington Post---I even published my first book last Christmas, "on breakups and beginnings". In the acting world, I've been blessed to work for some pretty amazing productions spanning across networks like Showtime, Black and Sexy TV, Netflix, TruTV, ABC and more. 

You all have supported me endlessly by sharing my blog posts, watching my film/TV work and buying my book. I am forever grateful for your support. 

Why? The internet has afforded me the opportunity to use all of my talents in abundance but now I want to take things to the next level. I am now gearing up to make my second short film, write my first children's book, finish my second collection of poetry and take steps to start a production company not only for my own work but for the work of other artists. That's where you come in! As I am still building, money is a huge proponent of how much I can do and how much time I can put into my dreams. I want you all to be part in building this content that will usher in a host of new talent, ideas and stories. I believe every artist is put on earth to serve humanity and I want to do my part! Will you help?

Here's how this works: At the beginning of every month, you'll be charged whatever amount you sign up for. This money will help me to create content, secure cast and crew, location scout, pay for an illustrator, pay for an editor, take necessary trips for film screenings/festivals and cover the myriad of expenses that come up when producing artistic work.
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When I reach $100 a month, I will crew up for my next short film.

I will also start the publishing process for my second collection of poetry.
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