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I've always had an interest in robots in particular, and have been drawing and creating stories about them for years. I've also built a number of unique creations and characters featuring robots out of LEGO elements, and have had the privilege of displaying my creations at events like BrickUniverse, where I have even won awards for some of my creations. I also have an interest in video games, Minecraft and Terraria in particular.

I'm getting to a point in life where I feel like I'm stuck and cannot progress due to a number of reasons, with health and financial issues being two of the biggest. To be fair I'm better off than a lot of people, but I'd like to take the first step and see if I can use my talents to gain financial security.

Going in, my hope is to share as much of my work as I can and see if I generate an income without having to lock anything behind a paywall. The more interest and patrons I get, the more of my free time I will dedicate to creating new content. I'll focus on uploading my old sketches and descriptions at first, and later work on posting parts of the story they are from. Every now and then I hope to feature other forms of my creativity.

If you want to support my works but do not feel like pledging anything, I can always appreciate your help by sharing my patreon page with others. Regardless of if you choose to become a patron, I hope you will still enjoy my works.

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