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is creating video (?) games (???)
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this is the only tier now!!!! i dont know what im doing here!!! one dollar gets you into the chess club!!! 

[an assistant whispers into my ear] 

apparently i cant call it the chess club because thats already a thing!!!!

hang tight and maybe i'll introduce more but for now lets just call this a "pledge whatever you can according to your resources and desires" w/no carrots of a stick.



About chess b

hello! im chess!! you may know me as a plush toy of the pokemon ditto from twitter and youtubei like to make the video game. i'm making official undertale alarm clock. i made wreckboy, a game about caring for the weird mario featured in the box-art of wrecking crew, and gee-whizmo vs, a small versus game billed as a pirate knockoff of gimmick for the nes. i have some other stuff i'm working on but it's all either on hiatus or in early prototyping!!!

i'm in the midst of figuring out how to better fit patreon into my workflow and keep things cool and interesting for patrons!! thanks for bearing with me!!

(〃´ w` )
100% complete
thank you so nice ..........
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