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Kelly and Jessica met like most good friends do nowadays — wasted at a Halloween party. Kelly, dressed as Bjork, and Jessica dressed as Raggedy Anne. They bonded over their love of…well I guess just partying. Later on, when they began hanging out, they also began bonding over their love of karaoke and smoking weed — which they did on the regular every Monday.

One fateful night, sitting at home or maybe on the patio of Bigfoot Lodge, Jessica and Kelly were complaining about the hardships of life. How difficult it is to make your way and find success — Jessica in the television production industry and Kelly in comedy, when suddenly one of them, I think it was Kelly, was struck with a new, never been thought of, super original idea: “Let’s start a podcast!” because we all know there aren’t enough of those right now. For some reason, the concept actually came to them easily. They bounced back a few ideas but they kept coming back to one — getting stoned and watching movies. It was a frequent event Jessica and Kelly would do by themselves, most recently going to a cheap theatre wearing onesie pajamas to see Moana post-edible eating. It’s a great escape from personal tragedies and your day to day life and just get lost in the movie world for a bit and Jessica and Kelly loved and connected with that, why not make it into a podcast?

Jessica and Kelly also realized something else, in a world where marijuana-culture is heightening in entertainiment, there wasn’t really many funny female stoners. Sure there’s Seth Rogen, Doug Benson, Cheech and Chong — but where are the ladies at? They felt this was another reason why they needed to make this podcast, just prove ladies can have as much fun and get as high as your average Joe.

And so, IMDweed was born. Each week Jessica and Kelly bring a guest to get stoned and go to the movies with and then discuss the film after. It’s fun and funny. Sometimes they can get pretty in depth with the analysis and other times they’ll have a guest they’ll accidentally get too high and have to take a nap to prep for the podcast — either way, it’s always a great listen. Tune in every Tuesday!
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