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October 2019 Update

Hi all, sorry for being inactive for awhile. But onward, I'm thinking I'll post daily updates / WIP on what I'm working. I'll set Patreon to be my devlog. 
I will no longer charge you anything
Thanks a lot for being my patrons. 
I'm sorry that I couldn't give the rewards as I promised, but I'll do my best to keep everything up to date, and free of charge.

Who are you ?

Hi, I'm Vert, I'm an Indie Game Developer, freelance 3D Artist and Motion Graphic Animator, and full time UI / UX Designer. I've been a Unity game developer since 2011. Focusing on 3D Anime style game. 

Your support will help me focus a lot more time in both my 3D artwork and my game development and ensure that the game quality is living up to your expectations.

What am I doing ?

I'm currently making PC 3D Anime game for Steam. Beside being solo game dev, I also been taking some freelance job like Motion Graphic Animation and 3D Modelling. 

I'm currently making 3D models for now, improving my skillsets while passively reviewing my game's content. I mostly model characters that I like or challenge me, and then make renders or small animations using the models I've created. You can expect occasional WIPs and renders from character I've already made, but renders of characters I have yet to model will take a month or so.

Please note that I'm really really busy this lately, you might not expect me to post stuff often.

Why we must support you ?

It's up to you. If you like my work, and want to support me and the development further, you can become my patron =) 

Current Project : Project IMG

Status : Hiatus for awhile. Grinding 3D modelling skill, planning to remodel most of the environments.

Project IMG (Codename for now) is a 3D Anime themed RPG + VN hybrid social simulation game. Currently still in development. Project IMG are inspired from Persona 3, Akiba's Trip, and Bully. The dating sim system was inspired from Harvest Moon.

The game where you play as a teenager boy who spends his school holiday in school playing video games on computer all along, and then one day his computer broke, he doesn't know what to do anymore.

You can check my game out on my blog here.

And my Unity Asset Store page here.

I'll need the money for the game development budget such as (Fee is not fixed)
  • Steam Direct fee : $100
  • Localization fee 5 Language (English, Japanese, Mandarin, Russian, German) : $1000 per language (gengo, per 20,000 words)
  • Simple voiceover (Japanese language, Male & Female) : $27 (voicebunny, per 10 words)
All visual assets are all made by myself. I use the asset store for sounds and few other programming libraries.

Quick Info

  • Developer : imgvertex
  • Publisher : TBA
  • Genre : RPG, Visual Novel, Simulation, Social Sim, 3D Anime
  • Mode : Single Player
  • Steamworks : Steam Trading Cards, Steam Cloud, Steam Achievement (?)
  • Languages : English | Japanese, Simplified Chinese, German, Russian (Community Translation)
  • Voiceover : No
  • Platform : Microsoft Windows, Linux (if possible)
  • DRM : Steam
  • Controller Support : SCP Server Dualshock 3 / Xbox Controller
  • Progress : Overall 38% ( Character + Story )

Preview of my game

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 18 exclusive posts

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