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About ImOkayWith

ImOkayWith was created for one key reason.  To create accountability for people, companies, and places.

The Premise is simple.  You type in a person, place, company, or product, and you will gain access to a chronological order of everything done that the general public would consider questionable.  Some things you might even approve of based on your personal beliefs, but the majority is to allow people to know what they are supporting when they buy a product, use a service, support a person, or visit a place.  Because companies spend millions to put our positive PR or confuse people with astroturfing.  This is just the things they normally would not one people to know about their past.

Now where does this Patreon come in?  Well with all the companies out there, many of them are going to do everything in their power to shut this site down.  They will do this mainly through frivilous lawsuits, that waste time and money to fight.  Your patronage helps to pay for legal bills and support the staff so we can continue to grow and built upon our database.

So what are you Okay With?
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