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About Imperica

Imperica is an online magazine which covers topics in and around contemporary culture.

We have been around since August 2010. Our growth has been slow but constant.
Fundamentally, we're all about exploring ideas: exploring, dissecting, and reviewing them. We aim to be critical without being negative; analytical without being boring.

Our mission remains as it did when we started. Put simply, we aim to publish:

  • Long-form content, on
  • Contemporary cultural and societal matters, by
  • Artists, commentators and thinkers whom are often “under the radar” of mainstream media, with
  • Viewpoints which are insightful, unique, personal to the author, and always an entertaining read.

Supporting this content is the Imperica newsletter, a weekly long-form review of online and broader contemporary culture, published every Friday to several thousand recipients. (If you‘d like to receive it, sign up here. You won‘t regret it. Promise.)

Coming soon: a regular, published, magazine

Publishing articles in piecemeal fashion is great, but we’d love to wrap everything up into a regular digital magazine. Our trial edition was published in 2017 and gives an indication of what we would like to do more regularly.

A regular contribution through Patreon also gives us

  • More of an opportunity to plan articles and themes
  • A committed readership who consciously support what we do
  • The chance to commission and pay writers and contributors, at industry-standard fair rates

Our offer

We have always offered our content under a Creative Commons licence. That won’t change with the magazine, where we will offer choice articles from the magazine for free on the website after they have published. That will build visibility and demand which in turn should allow for more subscribers / patrons, and thus more articles for you, at the same monthly cost of pledging.

Finally, we totally understand that money is tight for everyone. But, at an important time in our history - where politics changes daily, where Silicon Valley urgently needs further scrutiny, and where rational discourse, particularly from outside the US, faces intense challenges - we invite you to become a patron. Thank you.
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