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is creating Photography Colour Grading, Retouching and Editing
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Every so often we will be offering patrons a free photo retouch as thanks!

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Once per month we will professionally edit and retouch three of your valued photographs. RAW/NEF files preferred.

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About Tom Vu

As a photographer whether a professional or hobbyist, your memory cards are probably always full of the shots. There are hundreds maybe thousands of photos and not enough time in the day to retouch them. Even before this you'll need to sort out your workflow and choose those with the best poses or subjects. That's where a professional photo editors comes in - and you always want someone who is also a working photographer. It may surprise you but the majority of photo editors or digital 're-touchers' have never even held a DSLR camera.

A good photo editor will know stylistic aspect ratios and crop the shot according. Then aspects such as sensor dust, color grading, contrast, and shadows will be addressed. The last thing is sharpening up, what helps to avoid adding unwanted digital noise. Imperium photography is based in Brisbane Australia and has been working with the latest photography software and gear for over 10 years.