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Why Should You Care

We are giving you the chance not only to access some of the best independent journalism from around the world, but also the opportunity to be a part of every stage of the news cycle.
We want to change the way that news is produced and we need your help. Have you ever wondered why some stories don’t get covered in the world of ivory-tower journalism? Ever been annoyed by the bias displayed by some news organizations? Ever wanted to shout at your screen because of the easy rides handed out to people in power by the fence-sitters of the global media complex? We have.

Traditional media, by failing to give people the power to alter or influence its output and by refusing to divulge its processes, is keeping secrets, be they protests that go uncovered or clandestine government deals that go unexplored. Too often it fails to perform journalism’s most basic functions: To inform the public and to hold those in power truly accountable.

We believe in a fundamentally inclusive media model, where people hold sway, and where the little man or woman find their voice represented in print. This is why we believe you should care about ImportantCool.

Beyond the public interest justification for the new website, there’s also the fact that being able to interact with the journalistic process can be deeply engaging, and even a lot of fun. By exploiting the power of the Internet in ways that have never before been imagined by any news organization, ImportantCool puts unprecedented power at the fingertips of paying users – patrons and those who operate a digital wallet.

Using the Writelines to make associations between stories and between artefacts, making RemICses in their own time, and commenting on items published on the website, we hope that readers get the type of experience that regular, flat online stories do not deliver. We think ImportantCool will offer a mind-altering, radical, step-up experience that will keep readers coming back for more and more.

ImportantCool is a worker-owned journalism collective which will radically change the way the news is gathered, presented, and consumed.

We will give readers, not editors, control over stories. Patrons will vote on which projects get funded and which get dropped. We are even giving readers the chance to vote on which stories and pictures are included in our dead tree digest, Paper Fetish, and it’s bi-annual photo-special insert,Radical Transparencies. At ImportantCool, you will control the news.

In line with our core philosophy of radical transparency, ImportantCool will feature the Artefacts Cave, containing transcripts of interviews, documents, audio recordings, and any additional original source material behind our journalism.

Finally, we do not believe that paywalls or other subscription-for-access news sites really do justice to the democratizing power of the internet. Because we believe in your right to know, at ImportantCool our articles, films, cartoons, podcasts, and photo-essays will always be free to access for everyone.

Those who go the extra mile and support us will enjoy access and influence even beyond this unprecedented level.

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