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is creating improvisational piano music and travel/road life content
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About Improvised Journeys

My mission is to play piano in all corners of America, both in wild places and busking in the coolest cities in the world, and bring you along with me. I will hike, bike, trail run, and drive to all corners of the country with my piano. Join me here on Patreon and you'll get to see my videos EARLY and EXTENDED for the price of a Clif Bar every month! You’ll also get access to a Patreon only feed and special Patreon Perks throughout the year!

YOU make it possible for me to make an impact on the world.


Improvised Journeys exists to meld creating and playing improvisational music with the full-time travel life.

By being a part of this journey, you get access to the process of bringing this vision to life, from behind the scenes on how we make it work, to exclusive content and actual music just for Patrons.

This is a journey across America to play piano for as many people in as many different settings as possible. Busking on the streets of Boulder, CO our home, to all up and down the West Coast--and someday far beyond. It is a journey not just of music, but of creative spirit, a pursuit of a life lived in line with a passion. We will blog, vlog, and create YouTube videos, bringing a creative and inspired vision to life through this, one that will grow to become a vision that can influence the world.

Your support makes this artist’s life feasible.

Even $1 goes a long way to keeping this music in the world!

“When I play piano, it is a very raw experience of composing, always on the spot and without any pre-plan. What comes out of my fingers is an expression of the emotion and feeling of that very transient moment. Traveling to me is, capturing that feeling of where I am, about being there in the now, creating as it flows.”


Improvised Journeys will also feature content on:

-Traveling to new cities to find the best hiking and biking
-Bike ride and trail run footage from the best trails in America - including some full walkthroughs!
-Deals/discounts and strategies to live a travel life on a budget
-Vlogging about how we travel and how you can too!
-Opportunities for remote work

Thank you so much for being a fan and Patron!

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If we reach $250/mo by this summer it will be possible to take the busking journey to the Pacific Northwest in late summer, adding towns like Ashland Oregon, Portland, Seattle, and the mountains of the northwest to this piano playing journey! Help us get there today!
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