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About Imran Ahmad

Hello, my name is Imran Ahmad and I am 19 years old and it has been my dream to become a fulltime youtuber, since I was 8 years old and as someone who has recently dropped out of university due to mental health issues my career options are very limited. I will first start making smaller and less frequent videos which will include stories, skits, and small vlogs, with my current equipment which is mainly just a smartphone but with your support I will be able to start making high quality daily vlogs which will feature pranks, challenges, and social experiements with my friends and family which will be much longer in length as well. And my biggest dream in life is to be able to one day support my parents through Youtube and get them out of debt because they have been nothing but supportive after I told them that I dropped out of university, but I havent told them about Youtube yet, because I want to build a following and generate some income first. 

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