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About Imran Siddiquee

How do images of love and romance onscreen influence the way we see each other? How we see ourselves?

This Patreon is an effort to explore these questions in-depth. Thank you for being here!

About me:

For the past six years I've been working to challenge limiting representations of gender and race in the media. Through essays, short films, and the occasional talk, I've been particularly trying to deconstruct how we learn to see ourselves and each other through film and TV, and its impact on our actual experiences of love and empathy. 

In the past I helped start an organization called The Representation Project, and my work on these topics has been featured across the web, including at Buzzfeed, MTV, and The Atlantic.

About this project:

I think the images of romance and friendship we see in media become part of the lens through which we view our own relationships. 

But as long as straight cisgender men like Donald Trump continue to dominate society, I know we have to go even deeper on the specific ways in which whiteness and masculinity intersect in representations of love on screen. In other words, I want to spend more time thinking about:

  • Whose face do we picture when we think of a romantic hero, and whose face do we imagine when we think of a person being loved? 
  • What happens if you spend your life never seeing yourself in either role? 
  • What happens if you instead learn to believe that you're more deserving of love than others?
  • How can we tell better love stories? Especially if we are straight cis men?

I'm starting this Patreon because I'd like to carve out the time to write weekly on these topics, as well as eventually make more short films and videos. Having your support would make it possible for me to make that happen! And perhaps even eventually focus full-time on this work.

What I will create:

  • A blog on Masculinity and Love in the Media (at $100 per month)
  • Exclusive essays expanding on the best blog posts (Goal 2)
  • Monthly video chats and video blogs deconstructing big ideas (Goal 3)
  • Original romantic short films (Goal 4)

Here are some links to my previous work to get a better sense of what I'm thinking about:

44% complete
Reaching this first goal would make it possible for me to begin a new blog on Masculinity and Love in the Media - exploring representations of men and manhood in relation to romantic ideals. 
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