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About Independent Schooling Fund Association

Our Mission

Please watch the video above. It explains the most important issue in education today. Our mission is to address this issue effectively.

For more information on this extremely informative documentary, please see the IMDB profile: The Drugging of Our Children.

Our History

Independent Schooling Fund Association was founded in 2004 as an antidote for the problems described in the video by Michael Moore and other activists and experts.

Our Philosophy

It is our belief that the only way to challenge a corrupt, complacent system is to create significant competition for that system.

Fair competition in an unfair world is a form of peaceful protest. It is the most sustainable, effective form of protest.

A dysfunctional system will not change of its own accord. It needs pressure from outside, something to "upset the apple cart" - the balance of power.

The ability to "vote with one's feet" is the key to real change: to go elsewhere, to take one's business away from a system that does not produce results and uses unethical methods (such as the drugging of students) to cover up its own flaws.

The public education system will not change as long as the tax dollars of docile, trusting taxpayers prop up the system.

The only way to change such a system is to give its clients real alternative choices. Such systems do not change from within. We have spoken to public education activists who have spent decades on end trying to change the system from within, only to conclude after a long and frustrating career of spokesmanship and advocacy that it simply cannot be done. 

Our Mandate

Independent Schooling Fund gives people the choice of withdrawing from dysfunctional public systems: going elsewhere, voting with their feet.

ISF aims to empower people across borders to the point of removing the rationale for the existence of such public systems, instead giving people the financial freedom to choose the right kind of education for their children.

Be it Montessori or Waldorf or Islamic or Jewish or Christian or any other form of schooling, even home schooling or unschooling: according to the United Nations, every parent has the fundamental human right to choose the kind of education their child receives at the outset. Yet who can afford such freedom of choice?

Only a select few can afford to choose the RIGHT school for their child, as opposed to the nearest public school mandated by government.

The mandate of Independent Schooling Fund is to change that. We are creating a capital pool controlled by community stakeholders across cultural and geographic barriers, to take back the right to freedom of choice in education for all the world's peoples. Our fundraising mission is therefore continuous and infinite.

Public vs. Private Education

We are not opposed to public education. We simply want public educators to have the chance to get their job done: as many public school teachers have said to us, "the current system does not allow us to teach. Its mission is to enlist our help in its primary goal: to control the lives of people."

The only way to get the public system focused on its appropriate role (teaching rather than "diagnosing" students) is to create effective competition for the system. To give more people the option, the freedom of walking away from public systems if those systems do not serve their needs appropriately.

This is a drastic solution yes, but public systems will have to respond with better quality education and the removal of false excuses from medicine and other "helping professions" for failure to get the most important job in the world done. The job of educating future generations.

The Latin root of the word "education" is educare which means "to draw out." To bring out of all students the innate abilities that already exist within them.

When you watch the documentary above, you will wonder how much further removed from the true meaning of the word "educate" today's education system could possibly be. In order to ensure that this process of degeneration of educational values be stopped in its tracks, to address the injustice being perpetrated against millions of students globally today, your support for our mission is crucial.

Money is a Weapon

Any monopoly will by nature, by definition be complacent, monolithic and resistant to change.

The public education system in America has a virtual monopoly on the most important commodity on the planet: education services. We therefore concluded that the most important weapon in the fight for freedom in education is money.

The American tax dollar in education is currently being used as a weapon against the American people. The goal is to produce as many complacent, unthinking consumers as possible, and to enslave the American people, including the academic elite among them. This has an impact on other countries, because of the power of the American dollar in the global economy.

Financial Freedom

What is the value of a dollar today?

The US dollar is the reserve currency of the world. This means the United States government is the only government on the planet that can actually print as many dollars as it wants. Yet the vast majority of the American people are poverty-stricken, stressed out, worried about money. 

Why is this? Because of the way power structures operate.

It is not because of a lack of political will to change things. It is because of an active force of political ill will that insists on keeping things this way.

The current system serves the interests of those in power, those who control the lives of others, enslaving them in the process of creating short-term benefits for those in charge.

A Human Right

The idea of affording freedom of choice in education (a human right according to the United Nations) seems positively preposterous in an economic system where many people can barely afford a donut and a cup of coffee.

Education is the key to information, and information is power.

Money is in fact an imaginary construct. The monetary system only works as well as it does because we have all collectively consented to its modus operandi.

Money is not an actual "thing." It is no object. Yet our entire lives are governed by money: that insight and a subway ticket will get you a ride on your public transit system, if your town is fortunate enough to have one.

The real source of power is information: the ability to control the lives of others through the knowledge of "how things work." That is why education is so important, but not just any form of education: the kind of education that empowers the student to think independently and critically, to gain an actual understanding of how things work, rather than docile consent to the way things work at the moment that suits the powers that be.

Making a Difference

Most people feel that they simply do not have enough power to be able to make a real difference.

Most people are caught up in the structures that impact our lives, and the wage slavery that is known as a "job." We send our kids to school and we tell them to be conscientious so that they, too, can work at jobs just like mom and dad. (That is, if mom and dad are fortunate enough to have jobs.) Most parents simply do not have enough time left after a long day at work to read through public education policy documents, to go to meetings, to be activists, to make their voices heard. 

Watch the video above to see what is being done with the education dollars of American taxpayers today. It will make your blood boil. You will want to do something about it.

The War on Minds

The American public education system is a travesty. While it falls short in producing even basic literacy, let alone cultural, spiritual or even economic literacy in its students, the system prepares people to be obedient, unthinking wage slaves and consumers of products and services.

If anyone rebels, the retribution of the system is swift and fierce. In the words of one student  in the video above, who was "labelled" as being a sufferer of "Attention Deficit Disorder:" they focused on him. Being more "difficult" to "manage" than the average student, he became the focus of the attention of the system.

Nothing could be more frightening for a child than a flock of "experts" from the "helping professions" swooping down on him in this way. 

Independent Schooling Fund is here not just to do something about it, but to stand up to that system in the only way the system will understand: with the might of economic power. The power of the people.

The American people can be said to be at war. Not with Al Qaeda, ISIL or ISIS (although that makes for a nice distraction from the real war) but with their own system of government which dominates the economic systems of the entire world, and in so doing, its education systems which will in turn produce the kind of thinking that results in the perpetuation of belief systems that support the modus operandi of prevailing economic and political powers.

Once we realize this, we want to do something about it. But what can we do?

Power of the People

First, we have to know that we all have power. The South African struggle for liberation from apartheid was fought by the poorest of the poor, people who had nothing but faith and inner strength to guide them on the path to victory.

The freedom songs of the students from Soweto who spearheaded the liberation struggle in 1976 when Hector Pieterson laid down his life in the protest against injustices in the South African education system, are still our anthems as we stand up to the biggest injustice on the planet: the multiplicity of systemic travesties, the injustices that are being perpetrated against the people of America in their own country, by their own system, culminating in tragic events such as Columbine and Sandy Hook.

The American education system is the most important in the world today because it influences every other education system in the Western world. When the American people believe something, those beliefs get sold to other peoples in other countries at a deep discount.

The Struggle for Freedom in Education

In apartheid South Africa, while the majority of students were the victims of extreme injustices in an education system which was designed to maintain racial capitalism, they nonetheless received core skills instruction of a quality that meant 85% of the country's people were functionally literate according to a CIA report from a decade ago. Compared to a country like Pakistan which had only 35% literacy at the same time, South Africa was doing well.

Today however, the South African education system has certain features of the American system, to such an extent that the quality of education is extremely poor. There are now students with "ADD" in the South African system: something that never existed there 30 years ago.

South African teachers did not know what "ADD" was in those days. They only knew how to grade papers, how to award A's when they saw quality work, and perhaps D's when not so much.

Students sat still in class and listened to the teachers (that is, when not burning down schools to protest injustices; something which produced the desired result in the end). Students at that time took over the streets, and ultimately, the South African government. However, none of those students had "ADD" or "ADHD" - simply because no-one had heard of any such imaginary constructs in South Africa at the time. They did have power, however, no matter how poor their parents were, no matter how much the apartheid government tried to deprive them of privileges, and this despite the fact that many of them studied by candlelight and walked for miles each day just to get to school.

The American government makes sure that no-one would get such bright ideas as to take over the streets, and ultimately the government, with a new way of expressing power and distributing wealth. The American public education system complies with this political goal. They perpetrate systemic oppression through a more sophisticated process than the business processes of the apartheid regime - what one writer called a "friendly fascism" - all in the name of "helping" students. They do this by "labelling" people: many of the brightest students will be told that their inability to sit still and listen to a mediocre lesson is because they have a disease, a disorder. "Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder."

The drugs that are prescribed for this condition (Adderall, Ritalin and others) are similar in chemical structure to "crack cocaine in pill form" as one expert explained it.

If you have ever seen a crack addict as some of our youth workers have, you will know that this type of drug (amphetamine) immobilizes the user while they are under its influence. When the drug is withdrawn, they become extremely agitated. Therefore the key to keeping the subject still in one place, is for them to be "high" constantly. 20 - 30% of American students today are influenced by one or other psychotropic drug. The chance of real rebellion, Soweto style rebellion on a significant enough scale to effect real political change from students under such close scrutiny is probably very slight. However, every once in a while a cataclysmic event occurs. Insanity breaks loose: Columbine and other historic events too horrible to describe, yet the video above explains these tragedies eloquently.

Isolated incidents of futile, meaningless individual rebellion are easier for a "friendly fascist" system to control and contain than streets full of furious students burning down public schools as was the case in Soweto of 1976.

What We Can Do

Every person has power. What happens to your tax dollar is something you can change if you know how. 

Independent Schooling Fund is not a charity. It is an empowerment strategy.

Independent Schooling Fund Association is a non-governmental organization fighting for freedom of choice in education. ISF fights for the rights of parents to take their business elsewhere while the unsafe conditions caused by the public system itself, prevails in public schools.

Our strategy is simple but effective. Create a capital pool controlled by community stakeholders who are informed as to the machinations of public systems. Use every legitimate financial strategy available to increase the size of that capital pool. Create the means for people to vote with their feet, en masse.

Using our own money as a weapon to fight back against the weapon of the tax dollars that are being used to try and control us, we create alternatives. We can afford to withdraw our support from that system of oppression simply by not using the system, so that the rationale for the allocation of tax dollars falls away to the point where the system has no choice but to address its own systemic problems.

Every dollar counts. Our policy of transparency and accountability to our stakeholders shows you exactly where, when and how your dollar makes a difference, so that you know you did not merely donate it; you invested it in a bright and brilliant future for all the world's young people.

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