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About Indiana Atwood

I make stories ‘n junk. My desire is to tell good stories, compelling stories, stories that will entertain and help you unwind at the end of a long day. Say you had a bad day, or say that you hate your job: my hope is that my work will help you to unwind and offer an escape for those times that you just need to get away. I have my books on Amazon which are or will be science fiction, fantasy, or horror and will take you to other worlds full of interesting characters that you can relate to and cheer on. I also have many short stories, mainly from the previously mentioned genres, that I will write or have written that will be available exclusively to you if you fund me here. The support you give me will help me continue my work unhindered as to quickly publish more works with the hightest quality I can amass. I appreciate my patrons and hope to give them everything and more that they can desire through my writing.  

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