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Just a taster, if you please!
Every bit helps, and each dollar goes towards funding the ever-growing amount of things I want to do with Indie Bytes.

At this tier, you get:
  • Your name listed at the end of each video
  • Early access to videos
  • Access to the Indie Bytes discord where we talk about game stuff and participate in monthly discussions of specific games!
  • Podcast! Bonus! Content!
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Oh hot dang!
What a snack! This'll help my coffee budget like you wouldn't believe!

At this tier you get:

  • Everything in the Intro Tier
  • A shoutout in videos & podcasts
  • Free PDF copies of games that release while you’re a patron.
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You know what they say- breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so you better have two!

You get:
  • Everything in the Intro & Enthusiast tiers
  • Your name and an approved link or quote on a Patrons Page on the Indie Bytes website
  • Access to patron-only playtesting sessions for my games.
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So basically I do a lot of stuff

And this Patreon is about helping me do that stuff
What kind of stuff? Well, lots!
  • Indie Bytes itself is a website and youtube channel dedicated to discussion and analysis of independent games! Articles, reviews, interviews, and videos abound!
  • Pen & Paper People is a monthly casual interview podcast with independent tabletop game designers. We talk about their games, game design, and when possible we play a bit of their game!
  • Tabletop games are, well, games played on or around tables- sometimes with dice- and are another thing I make! This is the smoothest way I could make this bullet point fit the format. Anyways, I make tabletop stuff over at I make a variety of games, and they’re pretty good I think!

The goal of this Patreon is, first and foremost, to cover operating costs. Hosting for the podcast and website both cost money, and I pay Jesse to edit the podcast. Your contributions make it worlds easier to continue creating content on these platforms by taking care of that portion of the budget.

Once the Operation Costs goals are taken care of, the money will go towards production upgrades and a mix of hiring freelancers, commissioning art for games, and in general the creation of more games!

I understand that this is a bit of a weird mix. It’s two different veins of creation, but I feel the relation between them- game design and discussion- ties them together in an interesting way.

By backing this patreon and supporting me, you’re making it easier for me to keep the lights on and doors open. I’ll be fully honest, I will continue creating these tasty bytes (haha) of content as long as I can with any level of support, but the growth of this patreon will lead to the growth of everything I create.

So, hey, if you wanna see what other cool stuff we can whip up, do the patreon thing!
$33.64 of $75 per month
At $75/mo, website hosting and podcast editing will both be fully covered! At this tier, I'll start regularly covering tabletop games on the website.
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