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The Home of Independent Literature

Indipenned is an online community of readers, writers and those involved in the publication of great literature. It aims to be the go to place for those working outside the mass-marketed publishing industry. We believe literature is an artform that should not be defined by the perception of what will sell, especially when this perception is founded on the most recent fad. Ultimately, Indipenned is aiming to transform the publishing industry into a meritocracy in which the prominence of literature correlates its cultural contribution and the emotion it generates.

This transformation will be achieved through the realisation of five primary goals.


To create a trusted online haven away from the mass market that is exclusive to independently-published literature.

The indipenned online bookshop provides independent authors and publishers with a low-fee, indie-only marketplace for their books. The exclusive nature of this marketplace means that those producing great indie literature do not have to compete with the marketing budgets of the “big five” publishing companies.

In addition to this, the Indipenned platform includes author areas for its members to gain additional exposure for their work. Members can list their books on their personal bookshelf and promote their work by posting short stories, blogs, news items and details of literary events such as launches and book signings. All posts are syndicated across Indipenned’s Facebook and Twitter accounts.


To improved the awareness of great independent literature.

Indipenned contributes to the marketing efforts of indie authors and small press publishing houses by providing free promotion of their books on both on the Indipenned portal and across its social media accounts. By sharing the promotional load, it increases the time available for those involved in the publication of great literature to both create and develop their craft.

We are striving to make publishing much more of a meritocracy, in which great works of literature achieve the awareness they deserve. The indipenned portal includes a bespoke ranking algorithm that uses user behaviour to determine the prominence with which books and content posts are displayed on the website. In the future, we will look to fund the production of great books that would otherwise not be published.


To establish a community in which an author’s passion for their work does not leave them open to exploitation.

The internet is littered with stories of new authors looking for help with the production their books who have encountered unscrupulous services charging large amounts of money for substandard work. A community of independent literature professionals will result in a safer environment in which authors would have much greater levels of confidence when outsourcing proofreading, typesetting, editing services etc. Although we are be unable to provide guarantees with respect to the work undertaken by others, it will be able to suspend those operating in an unbeneficial manner from the platform.

Similar to book production, there are numerous companies offering book marketing services. These services charge a fee to promote an author’s work, regardless of its quality. This is unbeneficial for both the author and the reader. It is also damaging to the reputation of independent literature. Indipenned disrupts these practices by providing a free promotion service. The Indipenned platform only receives a fee when a book is sold. Its bespoke ranking algorithm also provide a degree of filtering in that it allows promotional activity can be directed towards the better-quality work.


To improve the quality of independent literature by facilitating knowledge sharing and collaboration.

The Indipenned proposition, comprising the Indipenned platform and Indipenned’s social networking accounts, looks to encourage the collaboration among its members.The Indipenned platform allows its members to share their knowledge and experience by posting blogs and knowledge articles. In addition to this, the Indipenned team adds to this online resource by posting interviews with industry professionals and articles containing well-researched insight into the publishing industry.


To champion original, imaginative and edgy literature that would otherwise not receive the prominence it deserves.

Indipenned will contribute to society and culture by promoting a more fulfilling literary experience. We have set out on a search for the next classic work of literature. Although its not for us to say what this will be, we are pretty sure it will not be the next thing that’s a bit similar to that or whatsit meets whatchamacallit. We believe world is awash with uncharted talent and we want to discover it.

If you would like to contribute to a revolution in the world of publishing, then send up your pledge now...

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